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Components before You Invest in them?

Take PV Assist service from PV Savvy

With solar power anticipated to become the world’s largest source of electricity by 2050, nearly everyone is in a rush to place their bets on it. Countries like China, India and the U.S have seen exponential growth of solar installations in the recent years.

Rooftop owners or investors enter the solar sector expecting decent returns on investments. For a solar power plant, the financial returns are dependent on the generation from the power plant, investment costs and savings made. Decisions on optimising power generation from the solar plant and thereby increasing returns are well within the investors or owners’ scope. And the generation in turn, depends on the quality of components installed in the plant.

A solar power plant comprises the following key components

  • Solar panels
  • Mounting Structures
  • Inverters
  • Cables
  • Batteries (for rooftop applications)
  • Monitoring systems

A solar power plant is a 25 year investment

Would you want to get the quality of these components personally evaluated by an expert or blindly abide by your installer’s choice?

Did You Know?

  • PID (Potential Induced Degradation) in solar panels can cause up to 30% performance loss within the first year itself
  • If galvanization thickness of module mounting structures is low, then they may corrode in just a few years and will have to be replaced
  • The mounting structures for the panels should have a wind speed tolerance aligned to the region of installation, else it will simply give away during strong winds
  • Despite choosing the best of panels, if the inverter breaks down, the entire solar generation gets wasted
  • Selecting copper cables without UV resistant insulation for your solar power system can cause FIRE

How do you know that your installer is installing good quality components?

Most owners installing solar power plants trust their installers’ choice on components. But the installers themselves may have vested interests in component selection, in terms of hidden commissions, tie-ups, etc. Consequently, thousands of owners installing solar power plants are keen to get a neutral, expert opinion of the solar power system.

Which is where the PV Assist service from PV Savvy comes in

Why do you need PV Assist?

  • Unbiased expert evaluation of all major components of solar power system
  • Wise selection of high quality components at optimal price
  • More savings on energy due to high performance resulting in higher power generation
  • Significant increase in financial returns as a result of a high efficient solar power system

What does PV Assist offer?

  • On all the critical parameters, our expert team analyses your panels, inverters, and other critical components
  • Based on the results, we provide you a neutral report of what we feel is the overall quality of the power plant, as well as quality of each component
  • Our team also makes suggestions on the other important questions you need to ask your installer before signing off.
  • From all the above, you dramatically increase your chances of selecting a high-quality, long-performing solar power plant. And also in the process, prevent the chances that your installer or vendor is exploiting your lack of expertise.

Sit back and let us evaluate your power plants components

For Free! (Valid only for a limited period) And within 48 hours.

What do you need to provide?

Once you have signed up for the service, all you need to provide are the following:

  • Details of each of the solar power plant components
  • Data sheets for each, wherever possible
  • Answers to specific queries our team might have – you can send these queries to your installer for answers

We serve you wherever you are in the world. Because all we need is the Internet. And your interest.

To sign up for PV Assist, send a note to Ramya Gopinath –